‘The Caring Wife’, a poem written by a Carer.

The Caring Wife

I do not make excuses, day to day this is my life
I care for a disabled man, I love him, I’m his wife

Around the clock I care for him, in many different ways
Often up during the night, not stopping in the day

Right now I’m really tired, and my leg is painfully bad
Keeping me awake at night, and in the day I’m sad

My husband’s needs, they have not changed
Still I have to care, even though I’m in such pain
He needs me and I’m there

What happens when I’m feeling sick?, when my body wants to drop
My husband, he still needs me, so the caring doesn’t stop

Not long ago I felt so ill, and had to go bed
Trying to find the energy, to lift my aching head

Hubby sat there waiting to be settled for the night
Then without warning he was oh so violently sick…

No! No! No! I screamed collapsing in a heap
What could I do? I cleaned him up when I wanted just to sleep
Tears streaming, and exhausted, I got hubby into bed
But still it wasn’t over I had more to do instead

An hour on I’m struggling, Still scrubbing at the floor
Cleaning walls and skirting, the bin, and even more

There was no one to call upon, no-one to ask for help
It was late at night, but hurting, sobbing, feeling ill

I did it all myself

I do not make excuses, day to day this is my life
The world around just carries on… oblivious

To the caring wife

Written by a Carer
©2009 Deni