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  • ‘The Caring Wife’, a poem written by a Carer.

    ‘The Caring Wife’, a poem written by a Carer.

    The Caring Wife I do not make excuses, day to day this is my life I care for a disabled man, I love him, I’m his wife Around the clock I care for him, in many different ways Often up during the night, not stopping in the day Right now I’m really tired, and my … Continue reading "‘The Caring Wife’, a poem written by a Carer."Read More »


Carer of grandparents with severe mobility problems

Bristol Black Carers has enabled me to see a lot of new places by going on trips, which has helped me have a break and relax from my caring role. I was also able to attend their music and singing club activity weekend which was fantastic.

Carer of young man with health problems

Bristol Black Carers is a great organisation because it has gotten me out of the house meeting new people and learning new things.

Carer of teenager with life threatening health problems

BBC has been good for me, the Support Group Meetings has been great because it has enabled me to understanding the different organisations out there and how they can help me also I have attended lots of workshops and gained certificates which has built my confidence.

Carer for both parents with severe health problems

I would just like to say a big thank you to Bristol Black Carer for everything they have done for me from meeting new people that I would not normally see and visiting different places in the UK on our trips. Please keep up the good work; we need this organisation to remain. Thank you Bristol Black Carers.