Cancer Does Not Discriminate

Cancer Does Not Discriminate

The Project
Bristol Black Carers is working in partnership with the National Cancer Action Team to raise people’s awareness around cancer. The project – called ‘BME Cancer’- lets beat it together is funded by The National Cancer Action Team who are working with a number of charities to improve screening uptake by the black and minority ethnic communities through the development of new and innovative programmes.

Raising Awareness
Part of the awareness raising campaign is to recruit new members to the cancer panel through the completion of the National BME Cancer Voice Survey, which take only five minutes to complete. Once registered you will be invited to contribute to key cancer related debates and information forums as your feedback will help shape future cancer services.

Bristol Black Carers held their first cancer awareness event in the Wellspring Healthy Living Centre. We delivered a presentation on how to effectively address health inequalities experienced by people from BME communities and how to access key health and social care services.

Part of that presentation discussed the stigma attached to cancer within the BME communities and how to reduce the risks of developing cancer related problems.

If you would further information about the project please get in touch.

News Stories

historic_church_in_scillyTaste of Language
Bristol Black Carers is a partner of a European project called ‘The Taste of Language’. Together with our partners from Sweden, Italy, France and Slovakia we share our history, culture and knowledge through the use of traditional foods, language and cultural traditions as a way of breaking down barriers to informal learning.
In March 2012, carers had the opportunity to visit Palermo in Sicily as part of the partnership project; they visited 2 local schools in the region and watched how they prepared traditional Sicilian dishes. The history behind each dish was explained and everyone had the opportunity to taste the dishes including the specific wines that accompany them.Part of the meeting was to get a clearer understanding of why Sicilian history and culture is so strong within the country and why they do not class themselves as just Italian but emphasise their Sicilian roots. The group had the opportunity to visit a historical part of the country deep into the Mountains in an area called Marcella which is famous for its distinctive wines and green open spaces, the area also boasts a large pasta making factory which produces pasta throughout Italy and across international destinations.

Saints_JpgSaints and Scroungers
We were approached in 2011 by the BBC and asked to feature in their programme Saints and Scroungers. The programme looks at people who are in need and the organisations that help them. The episode followed a carer Kemille, and her family, and the help that Bristol Black Carers was able to give her.

We welcomed the chance to get some media attention and hope that it helps more carers come forward and ask for help and support.

The programme, which was Episode 3 of Series 3 was aired on BBC One at 11:00AM on Wednesday the 4th of January 2012.